Interpreting Messages from Spirit

I have a deep love of the Tarot and often refer to the cards for insight on the messages I receive from Spirit. I always find an extra layer of depth in the tarot. For me the cards are a tool that help me to understand what I am ‘getting’. I also refer to them for quick information and answers in my … Read More

Psychic Connection – Connecting to Your Spirit Guides

I personally am very guilty of not making enough time to meditate. When I do it regularly I feel amazing and refreshed and more energetic. I think the most important thing is to set yourself a routine of meditation and to really honour that time you have allocated for yourself and your connection to the universe. Yes it’s true, meditating … Read More

Connect to Spirit & your Spirit Guides

I was going through some notes when I came across a list of questions that I had written out to ‘ask’ my guides. These were personal questions and I will share them below as they provided great insight for me, and I think they would for anyone who sincerely focused on them too. I wanted to explore what was holding me back, … Read More