Psychic Readings & Time Frames

Psychic Readings & Time Frames

I always feel sad when people tell me that they’ve seen many psychics and had many readings and that nothing they were told has transpired. Even worse are those who report that things sadly went very badly, nothing happened as it was ‘meant to’ happen. It leaves them feeling they’ve missed out, or somehow failed, and promotes anxiety and despondence. Why do readers … Read More

Marriage advice I WISH I’d had

marriage advice

Gerald Rogers was divorced after 16 years of marriage. Recently he wrote an eye-opening, public confession on his blog… my heart goes out to him and I couldn’t agree with him more. MARRIAGE ADVICE I WISH I WOULD HAVE HAD by Gerald Rogers Obviously, I’m not a relationship expert. But there’s something about my divorce being finalized this week that … Read More

What screws us up most in life

“What screws us up most in life is the picture in our heads of how it is supposed to be.” This is so true. How often do you catch yourself doing exactly this!!?! Thinking about the things you wish you had done, the things you wish you owned, the things you feel you’ve missed out on and the way you wish your life … Read More

Soulmate Relationships, a Mixed Blessing …

soulmate relationships, soulmlates, soulmate

Soulmates seem to embody the ideal state of love, and just about everyone these days is on the hunt for theirs. They want to connect with their soulmate and in this relationship find a magical intense sense of being in-love, and happy. Ironically though, soul mate relationships are the most complicated, haunting and difficult ones we will ever enter into.  These  relationships are … Read More

Spirituality is good for you: 5 reasons why!!

Spirituality is good for you. Yes, truly, it’s a fact. Having spiritual meaning or religious belief in your life benefits you in these ways: Health; lower occurrence of major disease – heart problems, cancer etc. Self-care; better nutritional choices and diets. Higher levels of exercise and sustained practice of stress relievers like yoga, meditation, prayer, tai-chi and similar. Emotional & psychological benefits; lower levels of depression, … Read More

Intention & Manifesting

The beginning of a new year provides a fitting time to reflect on life. What has passed, what ‘is’ and perhaps more importantly,  to plan, or imagine what will be. This process is called manifesting. Manifesting is a very powerful process, and is the core of all magic workings. In this instance, we’re setting ourselves up for success, visualising a … Read More

The 5th Law of Intention and Desire

This Law is so simple yet so complex… that I thought it might be best to start with a summary of what its really all about: Ok people here we go, this one is chewy.. if anyone else can summarise it better, please let me know and I’ll more than likely put your post up instead of mine!! The Law of Intention … Read More

Is internal conflict the problem?

internal conflict

We all face major opportunities, challenges and changes in our lives. These come up around career, relationship and significant personal and family issues. It’s part of everyone’s experience. However, it’s not always easy for us to know what we should do. Should we change jobs, end that relationship, relocate or invest our money there? Sometimes these decisions seem disproportionately overwhelming. So much so, that … Read More