Strengthen Your Psychic Ability

Crossing Over, visitation dreams, psychic readings, crossing over

Moments of insight, flashes of understanding and intuitive perception seem to come when you least expect them to. All of a sudden you have a surreal moment of insight and your psychic ability is illuminated. I’m talking about those ‘aha aaa’ moments,  where everything now makes sense to you. Under this umbrella also fall the ‘gut’ feelings or intuitions that we all get, strong (weird) … Read More

Crossing Over

Crossing Over, visitation dreams, psychic readings, crossing over

When the time comes to leave this life most of us cross over uneventfully to the other side. We are drawn to it… a place of warmth and love where familiar faces welcome us. There are some people though who struggle to make the ‘crossing’ . They remain here in this realm with us, living in limbo, until they finally transition. For some … Read More

Testimonial Genuine Psychic

Amber has been reading for me for a few months now. She is amazing, honest, compassionate & most importantly so accurate with her readings. I am so grateful to have her guidance, as she always speaks the truth about a situation. Thanking you so much. I highly recommend Amber. She is beautiful. Lots of love, Ally xx Hi Soulfriends, Happy … Read More

The Four of Swords; Meaning & Interpretation

four swords

When I look at The Four Swords, in the Rider Waite Deck (RWD), I put myself immediately in the situation of the prone man lying on the tomb. I feel it’s almost too painful to even think outside of my current needs and situation, all I can do is stay alive, barely. If I do attempt anything further those swords might just fall and pierce my … Read More