The Most Common Habits of Highly Spiritual People

  The concept of spiritualism has evolved a lot throughout the decades, so did our way of perceiving it. No matter how drawn we feel to spiritualism, there is a certain amount of spirituality in each and every single one of us, and it manifests itself in a myriad of different ways. Nevertheless, there are some common habits that most spiritual … Read More

Psychic Readings: Separating the Myths from the Facts

  A lot has been said and written about psychic readings, and not all of it is true. Some people form an opinion and then present it as the truth, which is how a lot of myths have started in the first place. Considering the huge volume of information out there, it’s not always easy to separate the facts from the lies. Whether … Read More

The Spiritual Benefits of Going for Psychic Readings

I can actually help you out with that, as I know about life coaching and intuitive skills in general. Not only can I give you great advice, but I can also provide you with a reliable business, career or finance reading. However, psychic readings go beyond just the mere physical world. They also offer plenty of advantages when it comes to spirituality: A … Read More

Psychic Readings Show You That Death Is Not the End of the Journey

Dealing with someone close to you passing away is definitely not something everyone can manage to do. It is totally understandable, as it can be pretty traumatic for some people. This is why they generally turn to other means of trying to get over the trauma they experienced. Most of them tend to go with psychic readings, as they find … Read More

Psychic Readings & Time Frames

Psychic Readings & Time Frames

I always feel sad when people tell me that they’ve seen many psychics and had many readings and that nothing they were told has transpired. Even worse are those who report that things sadly went very badly, nothing happened as it was ‘meant to’ happen. It leaves them feeling they’ve missed out, or somehow failed, and promotes anxiety and despondence. Why do readers … Read More

Chris, 23rd March, 2014

Feedback: “Well thank you for everything, as always. I always feel more grounded when we speak. Amber is so spot on and quick, to the point, yet always gives you time to come on line and provide an intro before she starts the clock – not many, if ANY do that! Can’t recommend her highly enough – worth every penny … Read More