The Chariot

The Chariot Keywords Advancement, victory, triumph, success Meaning and Interpretation Upright Breaking through barriers. Moving forward with confidence and authority. Reaching the pinnacle of success. Basking in the glory of achievement. Guiding an effort to total victory. Establishing yourself as a worthy leader. Reversed Resting on laurels. Riding roughshod over the feelings or expectations of others. Focusing more on past … Read More

Temperance XIV | Alchemy – Meaning & Interpretations

Who holds the secrets of the elemental powers? The Angel of Temperance, the Alchemist. The alchemist is a magician, one who manifests his or her will. The alchemist is an occultist, one who seeks the truth. The alchemist is the high priestess, one who brings opposing worlds together. The Alchemist is an earthbound angel – embodying the harmonizing of all … Read More

The Strength Card, Rider Waite Tarot | Lust Atu XI, Thoth Tarot

How do you interpret The Strength Card of the Rider Waite Tarot, or the Lust Card, ATU XI of the Thoth Tarot? Following are my thoughts on this card. I’ve also included different ways that it might be interpreted in a reading, to help you understand it when it comes up in your own readings. The human and the lion – make friends with your enemy … Read More