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Strengthen Your Psychic Ability

Moments of insight, flashes of understanding and intuitive perception seem to come when you least expect them to. All of a sudden you have a surreal moment of insight and your psychic ability is illuminated. I’m talking about those ‘aha aaa’ moments,  where everything now makes sense to you. Under this umbrella also fall the ‘gut’ feelings or intuitions that we all get, strong (weird) urges to avoid particular circumstances or situations, sudden desires or ‘needs’ to see or connect with loved ones, and so forth.­­­

The way these moments of intelligence flash thru our consciousness unbidden,  can make us feel that this source of intelligence is  beyond our human ability to control and, or understand. This is not the case though, it’s just that as a society we do not place a focus on developing this area in the mainstream. Remember though; we are all spiritual beings, and every one of us has the ability to connect to spirit, develop our connection to ‘creator’ and strengthen our intuitive gifts.

Whilst there are many methods and techniques for developing each and every aspect of your spirituality,  I will only refer to those that I know, through personal experience, do work, and are also accessible to all. Following is one of the most straightforward and simple ways to do so – everyone will be capable of this, and there is no need for any financial outlay. The absolute best way I have found to switch on my intuition, is by asking questions and ‘feeling’ for answers.

I go somewhere quiet by myself and I start asking questions and noting the answers and feelings I get when I ask them. For example; “what am I picking up on that is making me feel so anxious or worried today?” , “What can I do to bring myself peace of mind today/ this week?” “How can I create fun/harmony/co-operation at home and minimise tensions?”

“What 3 things are bothering my daughter/husband/best-friend right now?” “What can I do, say, or affirm for this person that will help them and increase their sense of happiness?” “Spending time with which people will be the most rewarding for me?”, and so forth.

Pay attention to any images, feelings, inner whispers, “aha” moments, or dreams that come later during the week. These are most easily recognisable signs that you are directing your focus successfully and that you are receiving ‘answers’ to your questions. For some this process of quiet or meditative thought is challenging. To assist you in remaining focused you might want to have your questions written out in front of you so that you can look at them whilst ‘asking’ about them. You might find it grounding to hold an item that is symbolic to you of your spirituality. A crystal, an object belonging to the person you’ve got concerns over, a candle to centre your view upon, or something that allows you a sense of comfort or security from its touch.

It is best to keep a diary and record your experiences. It is fine to be brief, but do record the ‘questions’ you’ve asked and how you felt as you put them forth to spirit. During the days that follow note down your residual feelings and how each of the situations you ‘asked’ about have developed and what insight or senses you’ve had regarding them. After a few weeks you will have captured your initial dialogue with spirit and it will be a meaningful document for you to reflect upon in the development of your intuitive abilities and your connection to your spirit guides.