Candle Spells

candle spells

Anger or another negative emotion inside eating you up?  Burn it up! What you need:  Candle,  Paper, Pencil & Fire-Proof Container What to do:  Relax as much as you can.  Light the candle and place it on a table.  Put the heat proof container nearby.  It should be large enough to hold a piece of burning paper.  Sit at the … Read More

Deflection Spell – Protection From Another Person’s Influence

deflection spell, protection spell, remove a curse

deflection spell is used to get rid of a person`s influence. Here is a simple deflection spell that can be used by anyone, to protect themselves from the influence of another, it brings no harm upon the other person, and works powerfully to protect the energy around you. Deflection Spell Visualise a broomstick pointed at said person. Really see it in … Read More

Attract New Love & End a Relationship Spell

End a Relationship Spell End a negative relationship or marriage, and strengthen or seek a new love Follow the process here to cut yourself free from an existing relationship – whether it’s a spouse, lover, family member or friend, as well as to attract new love into your life. This spell also seeks to replace the energy of the banished … Read More

Remove a Curse or The Evil Eye

If you believe that a curse has been placed upon you or your family then this is for you – how to remove a curse. Sometimes you know for certain that a curse has been placed upon you as the one who cast it has told you, other times you may suspect it due to the events that are taking place in your … Read More

Spiritual Oils – Recipes & Instructions

Simple recipes for you to use to create and blend your own oils for love spells, prosperity and luck spells, as well as to cleanse and banish and heal. Making your own oils is quick, saves you money and ensures they are a good quality and also that the blending process is infused with ”intent” which creates a far more … Read More

Psychic Protection

psychic protection

– Smudging refers to a process of burning herbs to purify or cleanse unwanted forces, and/or negative energy. This is a relatively simple process, whereby you waft ‘smoke’ into the areas that you wish to cleanse. If you are performing a cleanse for yourself or another person, or an object you will need them to pass through the smoke. Wearing … Read More



Manifest – to make shit happen! For those who are wondering  what “manifest” means it is to ‘make something real or apparent’, or ‘make shit happen’. Affirming your intentions, desires and gratitude to the universe or spirit is  one of the most powerful  way to manifest your intentions. into your life. Positively affirming your commitment to your path – whatever it … Read More


Prayers: Lately, many people have been asking me to share prayers with them. Other’s have been asking me to send them copies of prayers that they can share with their family and friends, or peacefully meditate on alone. Here are a couple of prayers, or meditations, that I like … Please feel free to change or personalise them to suit you … Read More

Intention & Manifesting

The beginning of a new year provides a fitting time to reflect on life. What has passed, what ‘is’ and perhaps more importantly,  to plan, or imagine what will be. This process is called manifesting. Manifesting is a very powerful process, and is the core of all magic workings. In this instance, we’re setting ourselves up for success, visualising a … Read More

Middle Pillar Ritual by Israel Regardie

Israel Regardie’s book, The Art of True Healing, is an instruction in how to do The Middle Pillar Ritual Meditation.  Readers of Israel Regardie would have heard of this, and so would many with an interest in Western occultism. (Did you know that the word ‘occult’ simply means – the seeking of truth?) For those of you unfamiliar with “The … Read More