One Question Psychic Reading


Is there one important question you want to have answered?

This One Question Psychic Reading is perfect for anyone who has one main area of concern they want to be addressed. One question reading. So, if you are looking for an answer to a specific question, want to get some insight on a particular person, or need guidance in making an important decision, this is the reading for you.

Accurate readings and spiritual guidance, with Amber, a proven and trusted psychic advisor.

  • Receive the insight, direction, and clarity you need to empower and guide your decision making in all matters.
  • Understand the people around you, their motivations, desires, and intentions. What are they really thinking and feeling?
  • Connect to your spirit guides & reconnect to loved ones.
  • Tap into your own sense of spirituality and develop your understanding of ‘creator’, ‘god’ or a ‘higher power.’
  • Learn to use your own psychic abilities to connect to spirit and live a more intuitive life.
  • Explore your life purpose. What are you here to learn? What is your soul’s mission?

Please note – you may purchase as many single question readings as you wish to.


Information for One Question Psychic Reading

  • Readings will be returned within three business days
  • Your first name and the first name of anyone you wish to ask about are required for all email readings
  • If you have specific questions you want answered in your email reading, please include them via email
  • Birth dates or Sun Signs, e.g. Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus etc., are helpful, but not essential, if you are comfortable to provide them please do
  • Images can provide further information. If you would like to send an image you are more than welcome to
  • Special reading requests are welcomed. Please feel free to send through your questions if you feel the standard email readings do not meet your needs
  • Please email if you have any questions