Affirmative Meditation

affirmative meditation

It is so important to remember that we choose our paths, this affirmative meditation enables us to focus our energy towards creating our desired reality. The affirmative meditation also focuses on self empowerment. Owning our choices, seeing that these choices created the reality we live in, gives us a great sense of control over our destiny. It makes us believe … Read More

Emotional Healing – Letting Go Of Negative Feelings

letting go of negative feelings

We have all experienced loss, heartache, and sorrow. Nobody wants to go through emotional pain, but it is an inevitable human experience. As the Buddha taught, we are each given ten thousand joys and ten thousand sorrows. The challenge lies in not getting mired in either the joy or the pain, keeping our hearts open and soft instead of closed … Read More

3 Ways You Can Easily Start Channelling Positive Energy

Inner Peace

Channelling positive energy can be good for your health and relationships. If you’ve been feeling tired or down lately, you need more positivity in your life. People will start noticing the difference, and it will only work out in your favour. Most of us are reserved about approaching individuals who give out negative vibes. Here’s where you should start in your … Read More

Protect your Energy

This one is for all of you who have asked for tips on how to protect your energy. Here is a really simple way to do protect your energy that works for me : Lie down and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and consciously let the tension leave your body…. Fingers, neck, mouth, back… check that all are … Read More