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Past Life Memories – Take Advantage Of Yours


Boost Your Mind by Taking Advantage of Past Life Memories

Few people are considering the major benefits of exploring their past life memories.

You would be surprised how well you will have it after resolving your internal struggles. That includes the struggles of your past self.

In this article, I’m going to show you a few convenient ways in which past life regression can improve your present life. Meditation will help you achieve these goals.

Dealing with Past Life Memories Can Heal Trauma Damage

Most people would rather run away from their problems. It’s the easy way out. But at some point, you’ll run out of breath, and your problems will catch up to you.

That is why it is important to deal with past life memories while you’re still in control.

Instead of running, stay behind and rescue your past self. Ask him or her to take your hand and deal with what’s bothering you together. You are stronger as a pair.

Once you resolve your differences, you can finally find peace.


past life memories

Seeking Your Past Self’s Atonement to Relieve Remorse

Did you ever feel remorse for something you’re sure you’ve never done? It could be some past life memories manifesting themselves in the present.

In your meditations, you should try to figure out if or how your past ego is involved. Maybe one of your past selves was a burglar or, even worse, a murderer. They should seek forgiveness from you.

Only when they have atoned for their wrongdoings, you will finally get rid of the creeping feeling of remorse.

Releasing Your Suppressed Creativity

Everyone has innate talents that they carry on from one life to another. Unfortunately, many don’t realize that until later in life.

We have many past lives at our disposal. There is bound to be some attribute or talent one of your past selves has had at some point.

Let’s say you love painting, but you’re not exactly good at it. When meditating, you should concentrate on the act of painting. This increases the chances of encountering one of your painter incarnations.

Never let the thought of painting subside from your mind. Keep it in the foreground at all times. When you bring your past life memories to the present, your suppressed creativity should come along with them.

Apply this to any talent you like, but don’t go overboard. Your desires should be related to who you are at this point in the present.


past life memories

Knowing Exactly Who You Are

Making peace with your past self, or even resurfacing some of your hidden talents, can give you more confidence in who you are.

Anyone has experienced an identity crisis at some point. It’s just who we are as people.

The more you come in contact with your past, the more you are grounded in the present.

You will start to understand why you like some of the things you like. Why you’re concerned about certain things. Why you feel remorse for something that has never happened.

This all may sound confusing at first, I know. That’s why it’s best not to go into it alone. If you need any help with your meditations, feel free to contact me.



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