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How to Understand the Mind Body Connection  

People nowadays tend to think that the mind-body connection is just something that we can take for granted. Most of us can’t explain it, but we know it is there. However, in order to be the best you can be, you need to understand exactly how your mind influences your body.

There are some simple things which can explain why our minds are so connected to our bodies. But first, let’s see where did it all begin.

The History of the Mind-Body Connection

It all began a long, long time ago. Hippocrates stated that for a good state of the body, you also need to have a strong, healthy mind. It all depends on the balance between your body and your mind, and on your connection to the outside environment.

A good example of a mind-body connection is the fight-or-flight response. This was discovered in the 1920s by a Harvard scientist called Walter Cannon, MD. The concept basically represents the capability of your mind to take the decision to fight a crisis situation or to avoid it.

But what determines this? The body, which secretes hormones such as epinephrine. These hormones travel through your bloodstream and give you the sense of rush when in a difficult situation. These are basically the ones that influence your decision to either run away from danger or confront it.

In the following decade, scientist Hans Selye, MD, made breakthrough discoveries on stress and how it can affect us physically. These are just different ways in which the mind-body connection manifests itself.

Controlling Your Mentality

What we can be certain of is that our emotions affect us physically. This includes all emotions, from happiness all the way to loneliness and even depression. If your thoughts are negative in one day, then illnesses are more likely to appear.

I’m not arguing against the fact that an illness is a palpable reality. But that doesn’t mean it appears out of nowhere. The role thoughts and emotions play in this case is crucial.

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How to Improve Your Mind Body Connection

Meditation, self-awareness and leading a happy life are all keys for a healthy connection between the body and the mind.

Analyse your behaviour and your actions. This will not only give you an idea about your mental condition and how it works but it will also help you strengthen the connections with the people in your life.

Through self-awareness, you will be able to find out more about yourself. You’ll understand what pushes you to greatness and what lets you down. Knowing all of that can help you improve your state of mind and help you find your spirituality. If you feel like you can’t do this alone, remember that I’m just an email away!

Another thing you can do is meditation. It helps you by calming your emotions and making you feel more relaxed. If you practice it regularly, you will see physical improvements. This is a clear evidence that the way to a healthy body is a healthy mind!

So, stay strong and focus on the present. It doesn’t matter what problems you have, if you keep a positive attitude, everything will work out for the best!


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