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Intention & Manifesting

The beginning of a new year provides a fitting time to reflect on life. What has passed, what ‘is’ and perhaps more importantly,  to plan, or imagine what will be. This process is called manifesting. Manifesting is a very powerful process, and is the core of all magic workings. In this instance, we’re setting ourselves up for success, visualising a blueprint for our lives, or the year ahead, and then actively working at manifesting it throughout the year. Everything we create will be intentional and will result from the blueprint we have put together for ourselves. This is the seed or plan for the desired life we are manifesting for ourselves.

Your idea, vision or plan, is the starting place that you build your future upon… from here; everything else becomes possible.

There is a lot of hard work, that goes into doing this, it won’t just fall in your lap, it requires a 100% commitment from you. But what could be more worthwhile that taking charge of your life path?

Good questions to ask yourself are: What do you want or need in your life that you don’t have now in order to be happy? Family, Marriage, Career Success, Travel, Freedom, dedication to a cause – whatever it is, write it down. How do you want or need your relationships to look and feel and be in order for you to be happy?  Are the right people around you? What changes would you make? What do you wish to bring into or focus on in your life? Career, charity, volunteering, socialising, friendships – whatever it is, capture it. Ask yourself as many questions as you possibly can, the more detail you provide the better, as this is your starting point.

For the Tarot lovers out there; I see this as a time to  become the magician… borrow his self-confidence and power of creative thought. You are like him, everything you need is right in front of you, you just need to  pick up what lies in front of you and start creating.  Who else in the Tarot could you draw inspiration from?

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