dreams about dead relatives

How to Interpret Dreams about Dead Relatives

How to Interpret Dreams about Dead Relatives

Most people don’t take dreams about dead relatives as seriously as they should. In any other case (non-relatives), it would be brushed off as a coincidence.

However, there is a much stronger spiritual bond between you and your relatives. As such, you need to know why they are trying to contact you from the beyond.

There are many reasons why someone would want to communicate with you from the afterlife. The following lines will help you interpret your dreams. Maybe you’ll even find out some things you didn’t know about yourself and the departed.


How Often Do You Have Dreams about Dead Relatives?

There are times when your dreams are purely psychological in nature. Do you sometimes feel guilty or regretful that you didn’t show your affection towards your relatives enough? Or that you didn’t spend sufficient time with them?

Your subconscious is trying to cope with the feeling of guilt. By projecting an image of your dearly departed in your mind, it can deal with the powerful emotions.

But make no mistake; there are instances when the spirits are trying to contact you. If you have recurring dreams about dead relatives, it may be a sign they are trying to reach out to you.

Dead relatives usually contact those who they feel is the most trustworthy of the family. They don’t just contact you just to say ‘Hi,’ so there needs to have been a serious bond between the two of you.

Why Do You Have These Dreams?

Wouldn’t it be easier for them just to contact you when you’re awake and able to do something?The thing is, when you are awake, your mind is tasked with other things.

Your five senses are at their peak during the day, and the spirits need to have the full attention of your mind to contact you. As such, in a dream state, it becomes much easier for the dead to send their message.

But what messages do the departed have for the living? Here are some examples:

  • Your relative could need assistance with a task in the afterlife;
  • He or she could be seeking to repay an old debt;
  • They could be back to take vengeance on someone who has wronged them;
  • In rare circumstances, they could be trying to help you instead;

In any of these cases, the only way to contact you is through dreams. Family members who have died of natural causes are much less likely to appear to you. This is because they’ve had more time to prepare for the afterlife.

The ones that contact you are usually those that have experienced untimely deaths. Because they didn’t mentally prepare for their death, their spirits feel something is not right.

They come back to set themselves at ease and continue on their spiritual journey. It can be hard to fulfill their wishes if you don’t know what to do.

Have you had any recurrent dreams about dead relatives? Do you want to set your mind and the departed at ease? Contact me today and we can work together to channel your dreams and put a stop to your worries.




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