Great big sloppy kisses and a bit of Darwinism


“There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery.”
– Charles Darwin

True beauty tends to be found in the simplest and most unaffected moments of our lives. There are many honourable and noteworthy characteristics to be observed within humankind. Specifically the desire (of most) to bond with and take care of those around us.

It is in the nature of our caring that the most genuine side of our selves is revealed. These are amongst the time’s when our spirit, ‘our inner self’, steps forth, and leads us. We, the earth-bound spirit learn as we are ‘guided’ through such experiences. This is how we come to know real compassion, love and empathy.

Caring for and seeking to love those who are around us is one of the most noteworthy and poignant characteristics of human beings and similarly of animal beings.

Look at this beautiful image. Two connecting in this captured moment as one. Hearts and souls recharged in a perfect and special moment of connection and feeling for one another.

Isn’t this what life is about? Don’t even try and tell me this isn’t love …. look at that face!! Love is love, whether its your mother, best friend, husband, dog , child or rabbit … Nothing is more special or affirming … and I have to say, that from what I can see, the animals are the ones who love the most easily and deeply. We have a lot to learn from these special friends.

Be kind to animals – they deserve every ounce of your compassion and kindness.

Amber |