Messages from Spirit

One of the most important experiences I’ve had as a Medium was when my Grandmother came to me and explained she was crossing over.  My  She told me not to feel guilty or sad, that she understood everything.  She wanted me to be happy for her in finding her ‘peace’. This visitation meant so much to me. As a result of her message, I was able to cope with her passing much more calmly than I could ever have imagined.

I had a sense of acceptance about her passing, and was able to feel happy for her, not just sad about losing her.  Messages from the other side, like the one from my Grandmother, bring great reassurance and comfort, and that’s why Mediumship is such wonderful work to do.  Messages from the other side give a sense of love and hope to those who have been left behind.  This is what, in my mind at least, mediumship is about, connecting people. Allowing them to see that life is an eternal circle.
We do not die, we simply pass to another realm. We never lose our loved ones for long, they are there to welcome us as we in turn cross over.