Three Pentacles

Three Pentacles

Expression, production, work, contribution The Marseilles Image. A flowering vine shaped vaguely like a heart coils around three pentacles’, two in a pair, one alone. When two people come together in work or in love, their union produces something entirely new. What is your friendship, romance, or cooperative effort producing? What does that product say about the nature of the … Read More

Two Pentacles

two pentacles

Evaluation, decision, budgeting, diagnosis Light: Weighing options. Comparing prices. Determining the value of one option over another. Juggling resources to make ends meet. Making difficult choices based on what’s best for your body or your bankbook. Looking at the bottom line. Asking for a second opinion on health issues. Shadow: Engaging in endless price comparison. Putting off a buying decision … Read More

Ace Pentacles

ace pentacles

Health, wealth, practicality, receiving Light: Outlining a plan for achieving prosperity. Becoming aware of opportunities to improve income or health. Realizing you have everything you need. Appreciating everything the Universe has given you. Receiving the perfect gift at the perfect time. Shadow: Indulging in relentless consumerism. Wanting more, no matter how much you have. Obsessing on your account balance. Suffering … Read More