Practices You Can Learn to Develop Psychic Abilities

You don’t have to call yourself a psychic to have psychic abilities. In fact, most people have the capacity to tap into the subconscious mind at some level, but they have a hard time discovering it. Just like every other ability you can think of, psychic skills need to be nurtured in order to reveal their true positive power. There are …

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are you psychic, psychic ability

Are You Psychic?

Are you psychic? How do you know if you’re psychic? What we recognise today as being ”psychic” or having ‘psychic ability’ is really just a referral to the degree of skill or ‘ease’ with which some people are able to access or make a spiritual connection. Basically the core of all spiritual connection is in working with energy. Every life …

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psychic protection, protection spell

Psychic Protection

– Smudging refers to a process of burning herbs to purify or cleanse unwanted forces, and/or negative energy. This is a relatively simple process, whereby you waft ‘smoke’ into the areas that you wish to cleanse. If you are performing a cleanse for yourself or another person, or an object you will need them to pass through the smoke. Wearing …

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