What You Should Know about Healing Crystals

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What You Should Know about Healing Crystals In our modern lives, we find less and less time to take care of our souls. Meditation is not merely a means to an end. It’s something we should all do and cherish. Despite this, I understand if you find a little time to balance your energy. That’s why I recommend you use … Read More



Amethyst The Amethyst is a stone that is strongly tied to emotional well being, and unconditional love. Amethyst promotes internal balance, emotional stability and provides protection from negative energies. It is always associated with the purer of human qualities – such as chastity, sobriety, discipline, spirituality, faith, and self-control. Wearers t are protected against temperamental mood swings, anger, jealousy, and violent emotion. … Read More

4 Types of Crystals That Can Boost Your Spiritual Growth

Crystals that can boost your spiritual growth Are you genuinely interested in crystals? You might like them for the mere fact that they’re beautiful. They are great jewelry items, but they provide other significant advantages as well. They have the ability to manipulate energy. There are even crystals that can boost your spiritual growth. Here is a list of the … Read More

White Spirit Quartz

Uses: Clears ‘psychic pollution’ Opens bridges between other worlds, particularly higher vibrations Assists with connection to spirit, clairvoyance Opens ‘doors of the mind’ and higher consciousness   White spirit quartz activates all energy centres and supports the body in its healing process. It is also helpful for the revitalisation and rebalancing of energy levels. Remember crystals change energy as it passes thru the … Read More