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Connect to Spirit & your Spirit Guides

I was going through some notes when I came across a list of questions that I had written out to ‘ask’ my guides. These were personal questions and I will share them below as they provided great insight for me, and I think they would for anyone who sincerely focused on them too. I wanted to explore what was holding me back, what were my fears and what were my blockages.

See, I believe that when you connect with spirit, you are very quickly confronted by personal fears. Spirit presents them to you in myriad ways and they keep them coming until you finally do ‘deal’ with them. For example, childhood issues, sadness, habitual problematic behavoiur and so on… spirit wants you to ‘see’ and deal with you as a first priority. They are showing you your ‘issues’ to help you face them, and this really is one of the first tasks on your spiritual journey.

So basically, you have to address your personal fears and find self acceptance before you will be able to do any other significant work with spirit. And when you think about it, it really does make sense. In truth, your intuition, or psychic ability is there to inform your connection with creator, ‘god’ , or the universe. Being ‘psychic’ is not about knowing secrets or hearing the thoughts of others, it is about connecting to creator and through that source of love and enlightenment, then being able to help others. You have to ‘fix’ yourself first, before you can really be much good to anyone else.

Now, to this end, I sat down with my list of questions and meditated on them. I did not know what to expect at all however it was a really lovely and powerful experience and I think everyone could benefit from it.

So, in case this appeals to you, I’ve written down the questions I had written down and meditated on, and I really urge you to give it a try. Get yourself into a meditative state or trance, and then ask your guides these questions, requesting that they answer you and provide the insight and guidance you need. Note down the answers as you receive them. It is okay to do this one question per day, or all at one time – however best suits you:

  1. To reveal to you your greatest fears
  2. How you can overcome your fears
  3. To reveal to you the way(s) you sabotage yourself
  4. To reveal to you your true feelings/opinion about yourself
  5. To reveal to you their perception of you and how they feel about you
  6. to reveal to you what you truly want from life
  7. To reveal to you the things that make you happy/let you experience joy
  8. To reveal to you the masks you hide behind
  9. What you need to do to become transparent and self aware
  10. To reveal to you how you view you love, and what love has ‘cost’ you
  11. To reveal to you how you must overcome the negatives that you associate with love and relationship

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