twin flames

Twin Flame

Signs that you have found your Twin Flame or Soul Mate can be many and varied. Some of you may be able to identify with a few of the signs listed below while others may be experiencing all of them. However, the most important thing to remember is that it is only a soul’s life experiences and choices that he/she …

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Divorce is difficult under the best of circumstances. When your spouse has a high conflict personality, borderline personality disorder (BPD), narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), or is manipulative, divorcing can be especially complicated. While people with these tendencies may initially appear convincing and even charming to lawyers and judges, you know better-many of these “persuasive blamers” leverage false accusations, attempt to …

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emotional healing, healing from heartbreak

Healing Heartbreak: Healing Your Heart

Healing Heartbreak We’ve all been through heartache, but heartbreak is in a category all of its own. It is one of the worst kinds of pain that we experience. When heartbroken you literally feel as if you will never recover from the pain of loss you are experiencing. It becomes impossible to picture a future for yourself as you truly …

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relationship warning signs

4 Relationship Warning Signs Everyone Should Know About

4 Relationship Warning Signs Everyone Should Know About Even if you’ve been somewhat happy with your significant other for quite a while, there are some relationship warning signs you can’t ignore. They can turn into massive outbursts as fast as you can say break-up. If your loved one shows any of the following signs, it’s time to discuss some matters. …

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toxic people, 4 Types Of People That Are Harming Your Spiritual Self

4 Types of People That Are Harming Your Spiritual Health

  Our disposition, happiness and even way of thinking depend on the people that surround us. If someone in your life is harming your spiritual health, you should address that. If they don’t change, the best thing you can do is to cut any ties with them. It’s important that you recognize the type of people that will drag you down. Here are four …

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