Absolute Teachings – the nature of mind, thoughts, and emotions Whatever arises in the mind is fresh; the essence of realization. When you are in the throws of shenpa how to realize its emptiness nature, its freshness, its openness. like labelling thinking is an absolute instruction in away- it’s like pointing out that it’s just ineffable, it’s just words that …

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Who Should Learn Reiki

Who Should Learn Reiki? What Is It and How Does It Help You

Although it’s not a new healing technique, Reiki has started gaining more and more popularity in recent years. There are good reasons for this, too. Before we get into the health benefits, let’s go over what Reiki is and who should learn Reiki. The Practice of Reiki The technique originates from Japan. Its name is composed of two Japanese words. …

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reiki candles

Want To Get Reiki Candles? 5 Qualities You Should Look For

If you’re not familiar with Reiki, you should know it is the energy present in and around all living creatures and their surroundings. It is the driving force behind great accomplishments. Your state of mind is directly linked to your Reiki levels. Are you feeling stressed and tired all the time? Reiki healing might help you. But to start a …

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Inner Peace

Channelling Positive Energy

Channelling positive energy can be good for your health and relationships. If you’ve been feeling tired or down lately, you need more positivity in your life. People will start noticing the difference, and it will only work out in your favour. Most of us are reserved about approaching individuals who give out negative vibes. Here’s where you should start in your …

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candle spells

Candle Spells

Anger or another negative emotion inside eating you up?  Burn it up! What you need:  Candle,  Paper, Pencil & Fire-Proof Container What to do:  Relax as much as you can.  Light the candle and place it on a table.  Put the heat proof container nearby.  It should be large enough to hold a piece of burning paper.  Sit at the …

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deflection spell, protection spell, remove a curse

Deflection Spell – Protection From Another Person’s Influence

deflection spell is used to get rid of a person`s influence. Here is a simple deflection spell that can be used by anyone, to protect themselves from the influence of another, it brings no harm upon the other person, and works powerfully to protect the energy around you. Deflection Spell Visualise a broomstick pointed at said person. Really see it in …

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shaman, shaman healing, healing prayers

Prayers for Healing | Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Prayers for Healing – Elemental Prayer Shaman use many methods to align and to connect themselves with the spiritual and metaphysical realm. One of the ways they do this is through taking time to connect with and acknowledge the elemental powers of nature, the universe, God or Creator, through prayer. The Shamanic Elemental Prayer is one of many prayers for …

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