dreams about dead relatives

How to Interpret Dreams about Dead Relatives

How to Interpret Dreams about Dead Relatives Most people don’t take dreams about dead relatives as seriously as they should. In any other case (non-relatives), it would be brushed off as a coincidence. However, there is a much stronger spiritual bond between you and your relatives. As such, you need to know why they are trying to contact you from …

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contact from spirit

How to Tell if You’ve Come into Contact with a Spirit

There are many entities in our world that we can’t see with the naked eye. Strange, unexplainable occurrences happen on a daily basis. I’m even willing to bet that most people can honestly say that they’ve come into contact with a spirit at least once in their life. Today we’re going to talk about how spirits communicate and manifest themselves. Our …

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communicating with dead loved ones

3 Signs Your Loved Ones Are Communicating With You From beyond the Veil

Have you ever felt the people you loved and lost trying to reach out to you? Although they’re no longer here, you can still feel their presence. They are trying to convey messages through many signs you may not be aware of. Here are three things to pay attention to.  They’re proof that your loved ones are communicating with you from …

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psychic mediums

Psychic Mediums Reveal Their Powerful Daily Habits

  There are many misconceptions about psychic mediums. Some people think they’ve got them all figured out, but there’s also a lot of mystery surrounding this subject and many wonder how psychics manage to develop their skills and live a spiritual life. The truth is that everybody who is interested in developing their spiritual side could stand to benefit from learning more about …

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are you psychic, psychic ability

Are You Psychic?

Are you psychic? How do you know if you’re psychic? What we recognise today as being ”psychic” or having ‘psychic ability’ is really just a referral to the degree of skill or ‘ease’ with which some people are able to access or make a spiritual connection. Basically the core of all spiritual connection is in working with energy. Every life …

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Messages from Spirit

One of the most important experiences I’ve had as a Medium was when my Grandmother came to me and explained she was crossing over.  My  She told me not to feel guilty or sad, that she understood everything.  She wanted me to be happy for her in finding her ‘peace’. This visitation meant so much to me. As a result of her …

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