Gandhi resonates with me probably more than anyone else … (at least for now!!) Here are some of the messages he left us – imagine how empowered you’d be if you took them all on board : Be the change you wish to see in the world What you think, you become Where there is love, there is life Learn …

should i wait

Broken-hearted? Should I wait?

“Should I wait … will he/she return??” This is one of the most heart breaking questions anyone ever asks… poignant, earnest, and sadly hopeful. It doesn’t sound like a biggie does it? But the depth of meaning behind this simple question is incredible. Within it lie so many feelings, hopes, and fears… “should I wait?” can be understood as: Is there any …

White Spirit Quartz

White Spirit Quartz Crystals

White spirit quartz activates all energy centres and supports the body in its healing process. It is also helpful for the revitalisation and rebalancing of energy levels. Remember crystals change energy as it passes thru the physical structure – this is where the ‘magic’ comes from.

listening is an act of love, listening

Listening is an act of Love

istening seems to be a more challenging activity than ever these days, and feeling listened to (even by your significant other) a rare experience also!! In my life there are so many distractions – emails, phones, tv, radio, alarms, reminders, children and pets tugging at my focus. Not to mention my internal dialogue that goes a million miles an hourand …