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Ask Me – The King of Swords

How do you explain the tarot card, King of Swords, in terms of your feelings toward someone?

The King of Swords is a card indicating high intelligence, analytical, and lateral thinking abilities. The answer will depend on the exact question you asked.

If the King of Swords is the card that is drawn to represent a person’s feelings for another it is indicating that there is a lack of emotional closeness between the querent and subject of the query.

This card may be inferring that the querent lacks sensitivity, emotional warmth, and empathy towards the subject. It may imply the querent is currently angry with or feeling hurt by the person who is the subject of their question. Additionally, The King of Swords could be telling us that the querent has the sense of being able to ‘see through’ the other, and possibly views themselves as superior, or more insightful than the person that is the subject of the reading.

The King of Swords also suggests that the querent is unable to put themselves in the shoes of the other and seeks to judge them, rather than to understand them. Reading the card this way tells us that the querent may not know the other person well at all (though they may think they do), only having a very top level and unemotional understanding of them.

This card could indicate that person (the subject of the question) views the querent as either very intelligent, or aloof, or as someone who tends to live in their head, as opposed to the real world.

It may also be indicating or pointing to additional information about the subject of the question – telling us about their work, or areas of interest, which can in turn influence how we understand them. For example, we gain insight into a person based on their area of work. We may understand a chemist or surgeon as having a different manner or be predisposed to conducting themselves differently to for example an entertainer or artist or teacher. The King of Swords points towards the following professions – surgeon, chemist, forensics, law, psychiatry, IT, inventor, politician, philosophist.

The card may be interpreted as providing information regarding the heritage of a person. If reading the King of Swords in this way, it is pointing towards a person who is either of a European or British background or a person who has been living primarily in the UK or Europe.

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