Lately, many people have been asking me to share prayers with them. Other’s have been asking me to send them copies of prayers that they can share with their family and friends, or peacefully meditate on alone.

Here are a couple of prayers, or meditations, that I like … Please feel free to change or personalise them to suit you best. It is so important to feel connected to the words you are focusing on. I recommend changing and personalising them. It seems to me that the more effort we put into personalising them, the more energy and intent and purpose they carry and therefore the more ‘real’ and powerful they become. So please do swap out words such as God – for Creator, Goddess or Divine Spirit, or whatever you believe. Also add to the prayer anything you wish to focus on or that is important to you. For example; ‘love’, ‘abundance’ or ‘goodness’ or ‘miracles’ …

Please do let me know if you wish for other types of meditations, prayers, or rituals … I am happy to share with you what I know. Below are the 2 prayers I mentioned earlier and immediately below I have included minor preparation for you, prior to beginning your prayers.


To prepare for prayer, breathe deeply and let the cares of the day slip away. Now visualize in your mind your own personal image of peace, hope, abundance, compassion, grace or service. You may see a beautiful field of flowers, a waterfall or the sun. Let this image evoke within you a sense of peacefulness and spirituality. Feel this state wash over you and become you. Become your image. See the image move through your body and know what it feels like to be this image of peace, hope, abundance, compassion, grace or service.

Appreciation; Prayer 1:

There is One Infinite Intelligence.  Its Power creates the Universe and sustains and maintains all life everywhere.
Spirit’s attributes of love, peace, power, joy, beauty, and wisdom express within and as me.  I am one with the Absolute.

The Divine floods my consciousness with faith, understanding, and truth.  I experience wholeness as I draw greater self-expression, opportunities, and fulfilment effortlessly to myself and those I love.  I rest in the secret place of the Most High. I am open to my spiritual connection and see myself as a part of a universal consciousness.  Wisdom guides and directs my every move as Spirit sits with me in all my affairs. I live, move and have my being in the Divine… I am one with the Divine, the Divine is within me.

All the Power of the Universe is devoted to my good, which manifests as abundance, health, and wholeness.  Spirit always provides everything.  Miracles follow miracles, wonders never cease and I give thanks for this perfect life. With joyful thanksgiving, I celebrate life and express my divinity fully and freely.  I know my word of Truth aligns with the perfect prescience of the Universe; I release this prayer to the Law.  It is done. And so it is.

Infinite Spirit is within me.  It flows through me each and every moment day and night.  This loving Presence gives me reassurance that this Divine Presence is mine by right of consciousness.  I am One with this sacred Intelligence.

Affirmation & Invocation; Prayer 2:

I open my heart and mind to the abundance of the Universe.  I am grounded and filled with peace, understanding that I am here exactly as I should be, experiencing all I am intended to, and giving back all that I can wholeheartedly with every cell of my body, mind and spirit. I appreciate this day and every day with the understanding that I am here purposefully and my life has innate meaning.  I use my gifts to evolve and create a life of clarity, harmony, love, and wisdom through the power of my intent.  My awareness is moving to a higher level of consciousness and I will be restored to my true essence.  My transformation is powerful and exciting.  I follow my will and bring the change I desire to my life and my being. I am grateful for everything.  I release my word with gratitude to the Infinite Mind.  It is done. And so it is. Blessed be.

Amber |